UFC 280 Betting: First Bets for UFC’s Return to Abu Dhabi & More

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We managed to escape UFC Vegas 62 with our +2657 banger alive and intact heading into UFC 280 this weekend! Now we’ve placed our first two bets that are solely for this event to go with it, so let’s take a look at our current betting slate.

Before addressing the two new bets for Saturday, let’s cover the cross-card parlay that we will be carrying over from this past weekend’s UFC Vegas 62 event. We lost the Askar Askarov line to a void, but we can still bring back almost 20 units without it.

After Tatsuro Taira and Piera Rodriguez got us started off, we have four remaining legs for the parlay. The fighters we need to win for this bet to cash (all ML bets): Mateusz Gamrot, Sean Brady, Manon Fiorot, and Charles Oliveira.

OddSmokerMMA Cross-Card Parlay (UFC Vegas 62 to UFC 280)

While I still absolutely love the first three fighters on that list to pick up victories at UFC 280, I’m starting to worry a little bit about Oliveira in the main event and will almost definitely be placing some form of a hedge there with Islam Makhachev.

If you decided to tail us on this parlay and are worried about any of the remaining fighters, don’t feel bad accepting the cash out at some point along the way. It’s currently at 1.5x our one-unit investment and should continue to climb with each successful leg we hit.

Now let’s move on and check out the two new plays that are both strictly for UFC 280.

The first one is a +1232 four leg parlay with three MLs and one method prop that was placed on FanDuel Sportsbook. The three ML selections for this play: Caio Borralho (-225), TJ Dillashaw (+142), and Gamrot (-215). The prop method is for Muhammad Mokaev to win via submission (+160).

First OddSmokerMMA Parlay for UFC 280

I love all four of these fighters to win this weekend and decided to go with the Mokaev prop because I have a feeling that he pushes hard for a finish here and should find it. Malcolm Gordon has been stopped in all five of his career losses.

For a slightly less risky alternative to this play that would also cover a potential knockout, dial back the method prop to “Mokaev KO/Sub Double Chance” or “Mokaev to win in R1/R2” and it should still bring back a solid return on your investment.

I personally placed .75 units on this parlay to hopefully bring back just a shade under 10 units including our wager if we can cash this one out.

The second bet that I’ve already placed for UFC 280 is definitely riskier, but with the higher risk comes a much nicer reward as well. This play is a +2376 three leg parlay that features one ML and two method props.

The ML on this parlay is TJ Dillashaw (+142) and the two method props are Mokaev wins by submission in R1/R2 (+210) and Gamrot KO/Sub Double Chance (+230).

Second OddSmokerMMA Parlay for UFC 280

I narrowed down the rounds for Mokaev to find his submission on this play for two reasons: The first is that I feel very confident that he comes out and tries to find a finish in this fight, so I think it will come within the first ten minutes. Secondly, all five of Gordon’s stoppage losses have come inside those first two rounds, which certainly doesn’t hurt our chances of seeing a sixth.

The reasoning behind choosing Gamrot to find a stoppage is pretty much the same: he has a lot of incentive to go out to the octagon on Saturday and have the most dominant victory possible so he can secure his place near the front of the line for a shot at the UFC Lightweight title in the near future. Dariush has been stopped in all four of his losses, so I’ll take my chances on another since he’s returning from injury also.

You could also run a Round Robin by 2x on this parlay to insure you still bring some money back if we miss by one leg. You could also dial back one or both of the prop methods to “safer” alternatives.

I risked .5 units on this play to hopefully bring back just a shade under 12.5 units in return.

Between these three parlays, we have only risked 2.25 units to potentially bring back a massive haul of more than 42 units in return!

We are currently down 2 units from UFC Vegas 62 this past weekend pending the outcome of our cross-card parlay after Victor Henry crushed our remaining plays, so let’s try to cover those bases this weekend and avoid a repeat situation.

Since we will be exposed on all three plays with the Gamrot lines, I’ll be looking for a nice potential hedge for that fight to sprinkle to make sure we are covered in the event of an upset. The safest way to hedge them would be to just take the Beneil Dariush ML at +164, but I still want to explore the props a bit before deciding on the hedge.

Check back on OddSmokerMMA.com later in the week for my full UFC 280 preview, predictions, picks, and betting card for this upcoming weekend!

Best of luck to anyone that trails these parlays and let’s make some big money this weekend for UFC 280! All of these bets were placed with FanDuel Sportsbook.

You can also check out our early preview and full card for UFC 280, as well as the OddSmokerMMA UFC Early Previews for this event all the way through March 2023.

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