Hall of Fame

Nate Latshaw (Data Scientist)

UFC/MMA Statistician

If you are looking for statistical information and data on upcoming UFC events, there isn’t a better source than Nate Latshaw. I won’t do him the disservice of attempting to list the many different types of information and data he provides for the MMA community, but I will highly recommend that every UFC fan check out all of his work.

In general, my goal is to help make the sport more data driven, and that includes giving fans, fighters, media, and promotions access to more data and analytics. I think it’s only a matter of time until MMA follows basically all other major sports in that regard, but MMA is currently lagging far behind its peers. To date, I’ve tried to accomplish this by sharing a lot of data visualizations, building interactive data analysis tools for upcoming fights via my stats website and Twitter bot, and I’ve tried to push the analytics of the sport forward through new advanced metrics.

Nate Latshaw

For more info on Nate Latshaw, please check out his LinkTree to access his free UFC Statistical Companion website, his @MMAStatsBot Twitter account, and much more.

Marcel Dorff (Freelance Journalist)

Fight Announcements/Updates

Big Marcel is one of the best resources available for breaking fight announcements, keeping an updated UFC event schedule, individual card updates, and much more. He routinely drops news about fights and does an excellent job of keeping everyone informed on upcoming UFC cards with the Pinned Tweet on his Twitter account.

Marcel also provides excellent MMA analysis, picks, card recaps, and more each week with Adam Martin for @MMAOddsBreaker. More of his work can be found with Tapology and Eurosport Nederland.

Needing Art (Graphic Designer)

MMA Graphics

If you have seen custom UFC event/matchup graphics floating around on social media, there’s a decent chance you’ve already seen some @NeedingArt work. Their calendar is pretty full at the moment, but if you are interested in having any commission work done, you can contact them through DMs on their Twitter account.

Best of the Rest

BestFightOdds – One of the best websites to track betting odds for upcoming MMA events. They list odds for all major MMA events from multiple major sportsbooks and update them frequently. Track line movement, compare odds between different books, build out parlays through the site, and much more. You can also follow them on their Twitter account.

Tapology – One of the top MMA and combat sports databases on the internet, Tapology is one of the necessities for me when I’m doing my own research. They have almost everything you could want to know when researching a fighter all in one convenient location. They have a wide range of different resources available throughout their site, and I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. You can also follow them on their Twitter account.

UFC Roster Watch -If you want to stay up to date on which fighters are being added/removed from the UFC, look no further than this great account. UFC Roster Watch robotically tracks the UFC roster, and their Twitter account posts every addition/subtraction when they occur. They also have the roster.watch feature, which allows you to see the entire current UFC roster in a sortable format.

Verdict MMA – An excellent source for tracking real-time MMA judging through their app and social accounts. Download their app through their website and share your predictions for upcoming fights and also challenge your friends and other Verdict users in cash tournaments. If I feel like the judging on a fight was a little bit off from how I saw things, I always love to check Verdict MMA to see which side got it right. You can check out all of their links by visiting the Verdict MMA LinkTree

UFC Stats -One of the more obvious resources, UFC Stats is the place to go when you’re looking for information and statistics on a fighters’ UFC career. They make it easy to breakdown upcoming fights under their events section and you can also search by fighter as well to get their full UFC fight history and their stats/averages from those fights.

More Resources will be added soon! If you are interested in your work/site being featured in this section or have a recommendation for a new addition to the list, please contact me.

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