UFC Vegas 62: First Bet

Since there are no UFC events scheduled for this weekend, I wanted to go ahead and get an early start on finding the best spots for UFC Vegas 62 for next Saturday.

Even though we are still over a week away from the event and have already had two fights fall from the card, I always like to get an early play in during an off week.

Most of the books still haven’t released lines for props at this point since we are still over a week away from fight day, but I went ahead and sprinkled on a parlay with some of the MLs of my favorite fighters from this card.

The four fighters I picked for the parlay are: Tatsuro Taira, Piera Rodriguez, Victor Henry, and Askar Askarov.

You can read my early thoughts on each of their fights on my UFC Vegas 62 Full Preview post from yesterday, but I feel pretty comfortable with each of these four fighters in their respective matchups.

Once the books start releasing props for the event, I plan to run another version of this parlay that is a tad bit riskier, but for now you can parlay the four fighters’ MLs on FanDuel for +342 and I personally ran it for .25 units.

Keep an eye out here on OddSmokerMMA for more bets related to UFC Vegas 62 and you can also keep track of my full betting card for the event on my BetMMA profile.

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